In his 1967 treatise, The Anatomy of Swearing, Montagu repeatedly makes the case that swearing, like tears and laughter, serve to release emotions and restore equilibrium. He has this to say about the social sanctions against women swearers:

“If women wept less they would swear more…many modern women have grown to be ashamed of tears and quite belligerently proud of swearing… With growing emancipation of woman from her former inferior status she has now altogether abandoned the privilege of swooning and has reduced the potential oceans of tears to mere rivulets. Today instead of swooning or breaking into tears, she will often swear and then do whatever is indicated. It is, in our view, a great advance upon the old style.”

(Emph mine.)
Can I get a “fuck yeah?”
Montagu, A., 1967. The Anatomy of Swearing, University of Pennsylvania Press.