Ah, those robust Australians, lovers of the larrikin, unfailingly unshockable – what has become of them?

The Government of Victoria passed a law several years ago that led to fines for bad language, with 793 people each fined $230Aus for indecent language in 2009-10 according to figures released by the Attorney General’s office. The parliament passed legislation last year to raise those fines to $240 and to allow the fines to be issued on the spot. No figures have yet been published for the number of people forced to contribute to the Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu‘s swear jar so far.

The Polish government has also recently proposed a new law that will lead to fines of 3,000zloty (around €750) for public swearing – which makes for an expensive time if you want to call the new law gówno prawda!

Judge David Bean: not that arsed about swearing.

In the UK it’s against the Public Order Act of 1986 to swear in public, on the pain of an £80 fine, but Mr Justice Bean recently quashed a teenager’s conviction for swearing at police officers during a search on the grounds that swearing is so common it’s no longer a cause of distress.

Seriously, the good people of Victoria? Are really you more delicate than a Pom in a dress? Australia, I am disappoint!